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Intellectual Property Rights

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Writer Contract

Contentwebz shall negotiate and contract with a Writer for the completion of an Assignment. Upon the extension of an offer of an Assignment, a writer shall have a certain time period to accept such offers from us. The writer's acceptance of such an offer constitutes the writer's acceptance of the Assignment's terms and the Terms of Service and Writer Service Agreement found on this site. Writers are at all times independent of Contentwebz and shall not at any time be considered an employee of Contentwebz. All Writers are independent contractors and consent to such designation by way of these Terms. Accordingly, Writers shall not be entitled to benefits offered to Contenwebz's employees. Writers shall be solely responsible for all taxes, license fees, and business expenses incurred on behalf of the writer. Buyer and writer agree to indemnify Contentwebz for any taxes or penalties imposed on Contentwebz by virtue of the purchase and sale of services between them on this site.

Content Writer's Efforts to Maximize Quality

Contentwebz evaluates each writer by reviewing materials (i.e., resume, writing sample, education, experience, schedule availability, etc.) submitted by a Writer that will allow Contentwebz to assess that particular writer's education, background, skill, and expertise. When a Buyer submits an Assignment, we screen and match a Writer to a Buyer's Assignment by carefully considering the writer's background, skill, expertise, past performance, and style. The Writer and Buyer shall have the opportunity to communicate about the Assignment prior to the entry into a Contract, and the writer may ask the Buyer questions regarding the Assignment at this time.

Deadlines for Buyers to Receive Content

Content purchased by the Buyer under a "5-day deadline" means the content will be delivered to the Buyer within five (5) business days, which commences the following day after the Buyer successfully made the purchase. For purposes of illustration, if the Buyer purchases content Monday night, the content will not be delivered to the Buyer until the following Monday, which is five business days following the date of purchase. Weekends and major holidays shall not serve as business days for purposes of calendaring.


Although it is highly unlikely, this policy may be changed at any time at our discretion. If we should update this policy, we will post the updates to this page on our Website.


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